With every additional technology that comes out and assists in exploring the physical world around us, we are losing our sense of direction and ability to navigate without them. It is obvious that people from generations previous might still retain some sense of the world, however, the generations like us who are growing up with this tech that are unable to fathom living without it. Here are some cases that really happened to people who got hurt by GPS because of relying on GPS too much. These cases will not only be showing how GPS hurt people in the mental way but also showing us that GPS can put our lives in risk in physical ways.

Speaking of how GPS mentally hurts people, here is an example about myself. Sometime I unconsciously put on GPS to go to some shops, even though know exactly where the shops are. Another instance that just happened couple days ago, I was in hurry to go to meet my friend, the GPS told me to take an exit that I knew would send me in the opposite direction of where I needed to go, and I eventually took it! At the end, an extra 15 minutes on top of my already long drive. After that day, I was thinking why I decided to follow my GPS technology instead of following my own sense of direction? Probably because I have been using GPS really often thereby causing I blindly trust it.

Furthermore, many people think that GPS systems are a godsend to the modern driver. But the data contained in them is not perfect and should not be relied on blindly. Otherwise, people can get not only mental hurt but also in physical. Here are some cases that show us how GPS brings people physical harm in daily life. the harm of GPS
there are more cases available on this website:http://whatstheharm.net/gpsnavigation.html
Overall, from my perspective, I think the technology itself isn’t horrible, but we tend to forget that we need to take everything in moderation. People like us should have a strong sense of direction, and not rely on the technology to get us from A to B. We also need to exercise our minds more, for example driving less via technology, and more via our natural sense of direction.