What do you do when someone sends you the directions to an event or gathering? For me, I always look up the address and hope that my GPS is able to find where in the world that place is. Otherwise, I’m stuck at home. I will tell my friends that I couldn’t make it.

And I am not the only one who relies on GPS too much. There must be many people that ride out on their cars, blindly believing that nothing can ever go wrong with their trusty little piece of technology. Then bam! When you least expect it, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. This really happened to me for couple times, my GPS unit cut out on me due to poor satellite reception. And I were forced to either drive around asking strangers or staffs in coles for directions, or simply wait until my GPS starts working again.

The problem isn’t the technology itself. GPS is fine. GPS is pretty reliable is some ways. The problem is our over reliance on it. Nowadays, GPS has become increasingly more common as a standard feature in vehicles, so that more and more people become reliant on using GPS to help navigate.

Certainly, this over reliance can be really detrimental if we are trying to navigate around by ourselves. But in other, more absurd instances(like what I have posted before), it can even unintentionally misguide people and results in hurting people whether mentally or physically.

So, while GPS is often extremely useful, it is really important to understand that being over attached to the technology can result in some dire situation and potential consequences. And it’s time for us to practice our own sense of direction!!!!