Since GPS was widely and frequently used by people, it had caused many accidents to people. In this year March, an out-of-town driver following his car’s outdated GPS system drove off of a demolished Indiana bridge, which is eventually killing his wife in the passenger seat.

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Iftifhar Hussain, 64, drove the couple’s 2014 Nissan Sentra off East Chicago’s Cline Avenue bridge, which closed in 2009 and is barricaded with bright orange barrels and cones. The car burst into flames after the 37-foot plunge into pavement below.

The report claimed he was likely following directions from his GPS navigation system, which instructed him to turn onto a ramp to the now-demolished bridge over the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal. The couple, from Chicago, was driving to visit family in Indiana and likely didn’t know the area.

For what happened to them, all because the guy was likely paying more attention to his GPS than the road. While the road leading up to the bridge is marked with large signs that read “road closed”, he was not paying too much attention on the sign instead of looking at the GPS. Eventually, he fell from the bridge.

Another accident that happened in Australia in this year is that a driver who caused a crash in which four people died while being distracted by his GPS. He had failed to give way at an intersection leading onto the Prices Highway and his vehicle hit a truck, which then struck a four-wheel drive.


The local news claimed that the driver was distracted by his GPS for about 10 seconds prior to crash. Also, his decision to take his eyes off an unfamiliar road for an extended period of time was grossly negligent.

Relying too much on GPS has potential to eventually cause harm to people. So, it won’t be a bad thing for any of you to walk around in your city and start practicing your own sense of direction.


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