GPS stands for global positioning system which was created by US department of defence for the navigation of military in any part of world under circumstances. While GPS technology has greatly improved our lives, and more importantly advanced communicating around the globe, there are some issues with using the technology.

Battery life of GPS devices

One issue with GPS is the short battery life that many devices have, such as the most frequently used device, IPhone. Having a short battery life may limit the time you can spend in the field. It may also be a safety issue if you get lost. The worse thing is short battery life GPS is potential to leave you alone in the middle of nowhere. Remember last time I drove to another suburb which took me around 30 mins on the way, when I drove back to home, my GPS (IPhone) cut out on me. I was so lost, I stopped still for a really long while and tried to figure out the way back to home. Finally, it took me more than an hour to go back to home. So, only use GPS products that have a long battery life or include additional batteries could be a solution for this problem.

Inaccuracy and local knowledge

Sometimes the GPS signals are not accurate due to some obstacles to the signals such as buildings, trees and sometimes by extreme atmospheric conditions such as geomagnetic storms. Furthermore, a GPS route won’t reveal if a stretch of road has great views, is closed for the day or is potentially hazardous to drive through at certain hours. So, relying on a GPS to navigate you route instead of deciding where to go through gathering information from local sources such as web, locals, or road signs can lead to significant errors in decision as the driver blindly trust GPS.

Potential Hazards

It is very common to see a driver fiddles with the unit’s screen while you are seating in a car. There is always a temptation to the unit’s screen while driving, and dividing attention between the road and the GPS. This has potential to cause disaster, which is like news that I wrote in another blog, GPS directed driver off abandoned Indiana Bridge. The driver was likely paying more attention to his GPS than the road, even though the road was marked with large signs “road closed”.