Nowadays, the GPS positioning system is getting more and more pervasive. It is used in our vehicles and cell phones to help us get around, especially handy and convenient when we are lost, or looking for an address. Like cell phones and email, the GPS technology has become a part of our lives that we probably wouldn’t even know how to live without.

By using the GPS via your car or cell phone or just buying a car or phone with the technology built in, you are consenting to use a government-owned tracking system. This, in turn, means every time you use GPS to navigate your route, you are willingly sharing your location information.

Not only that,  according to ABC news, another new privacy issue based on GPS system that affects anyone who has ever posted a photo online.  New GPS technology in cameras and cell phones can tell exactly where those photos were taken, and it can be just as dangerous and posting you home address for anyone to see. For people who are using the device with this kind of technology built in, most of them don’t know their pictures can be a roadmap to their location, and this can potentially be dangerous for them. It is a helpful feature when you are trying to navigate your route or find a particular picture is from your bike trip to somewhere. But imagine that if you are a thief or stalker, you can easily stalk the person by looking at his or her picture’s detail.

If you are someone who concerns personal privacy. Then, try to at least turn off your GPS devices or GPS features in your phone occasionally. Otherwise, you are unintentionally exposing yourself to the public at every single moment.