No one is supposed to get lost these days. All smart phones have maps and compasses on them. But phones have a way of losing their signals when you most need them. every time I drive through a tunnel while using GPS in my phone to navigate, it always cuts out on me in the tunnel, and then all I can do is blindly driving until getting out of the tunnel or randomly picking an exit and navigating again at the outside. People who have strong sense of direction wouldn’t spend any additional time on finding routes From the deeper research about how to improve sense of direction, here are some tips for people who often get lost and cannot figure out where they are.

First of all, the best thing you can do, locally, is look for landmarks. For instance, which side of your building faces north? It is easy to figure that out, then you can grow it. In common, cities are usually laid out in north or south orientations, so think about where you are in the city (if you get lost in city), turn towards where you think north is, and think about where others things should be. From here, you will start to build a sense that won’t often fail you. Then you can add things in like figuring out which direction the sun should be coming from. (Common sense) If it is morning, the sun rises in the east, so if you stand with you right shoulder facing the sun you should be facing north.

Another way to practice and develop your sense of direction is, when you are going somewhere new, spend some time with Google Street View and practice your routes. Visually familiarize yourself with, for example, the path from the train station to your friend’s house, or your hotel to that cozy breakfast place. Then, if you are going to stay in that new place for a while, start collecting landmarks around there, which can be everything that helps you to recognize the route.

Furthermore, there are some other people who develop their simple mental map by always memorizing which way something big is. Like” I know this is east because this is the east garden.” Or “I always travel south to go to work.” From there you begin to notice what streets are parallel to other streets. Eventually you will usually know which direction you are going.

Finally, the most important thing is that put the GPS away, don’t take it out again!