According to Daily Mail Australia, A man, 37, found himself stranded near the peak at Bergun, Switzerland, after he was directed up a ‘glorified goat track’.

Actually, he was just doing what most people would do, driving his car and following the instructions of his GPS. But the only problem was, he did not think critically about GPS technology in the case that he blindly trusted his GPS gadget instead of comparing with a map. Finally his GPS led him to a read where he couldn’t get out. 18mnssamxz7p1jpg

He kept hoping that he’d be brought back to the main road but the GPS kept saying to go forward. He kept following his GPS device until he couldn’t go forward or turn back around. Finally he was stuck on top of a mountain, he called for help and got flown out via helicopter. A fireman likened the road Ziegler got stuck on as a “glorified goat track”.

From my perspective, I think the SatNav devices are only as good as the maps in them. The maps have to come from somewhere, and it is usually the same sources that the paper maps use. I’ve found that nearly all mapping errors are replicated between my TomTom, Google Maps and the commercial paper maps for the region. Whatever map system you use, you must back it up with a good dose of common sense. Remember you can still read road signs, and look at the condition of the road to determine if you should go there. Also with SatNav you can still stop and browse the map to get an idea if there may be a better route, just as you would have to do with paper.